Samantha Keck

Samantha has been in the real estate business for 17 years.

Samantha has a broad knowledge of working with related vendors – lenders, banks, credit unions, title companies, real estate attorneys, appraisers, representatives from all media outlets and more.

Samantha takes great joy in working with a diversified group of vendors and clients. Meeting with people face-to-face brings her the most joy in her position. She thrives on her continual education regarding the real estate industry setting which sets her apart from others in her position.

She is the “do it all” member of the team. She works for the team as Client Care Coordinator which includes multiple capacities: Office Administrator, Office Manager, IT Assistant, and Director of Marketing.

Samantha is a superstar volunteer in the Coulee Region. She has earned awards in a number of community organizations. Samantha has volunteered in countless area organizations; so much so that she was named Community All-Star for Volunteerism in July 2014.

Samantha resides in Holmen with her husband and her chocolate lab, Cammie Blue.